Friday, November 06, 2009

The Canal Is Not Just A Place In Isthmus of Suez

Oh, Interpeeps. Do I have a story for you!

As previously mentioned, I visited Herr Dentisto today to see what ailed my ailing tooth. I explained the pain, and managed to confuse Dr. Feelgood in a major way. He could not understand why my tooth was still bothering me unless he hadn't managed to clear out all the bacteria in the wonky roots previously when he did the root canal.

His solution was to re-do the root canal.

My joy, it knew no bounds.

Since he had time today he began immediately. The gas and I began our love affair right away, and he switched the tunes to 70's classics at my request. The drill started up and we were off into familiar territory in nothing flat.

After a bit he told me he believed one of the roots had a cracked tip. Unfortunately for me, the only cure was to pull the whole tooth.

At which point my head, which loves to do this under pressure, exploded.

After I put my head back together I asked him if I could have a bridge once the tooth was pulled. He said normally a bridge is placed between two teeth, and since this was a back tooth that wouldn't be possible.

I did a double-take and asked him to repeat himself.

He again told me he'd done the root canal on my back tooth and it wouldn't be possible to have a bridge since there wasn't another tooth to support it.

That's when my head exploded again. Because the tooth that I thought he'd done the root canal on was the tooth in front of the back tooth. And the tooth that hurt was the tooth in front of the back tooth. And I thought I was nuts because I could still feel pain in a tooth that was supposedly nerve-less.

It was like going in for an appendectomy and finding your left lung was removed instead, then wondering why you were having problems breathing.

So I did what anyone would do in my situation. I laughed. And I laughed. And then I laughed some more.

Dr. Feelgood immediately turned down the gas, much to my chagrin. But he had to turn it back up when he decided to try to save the back tooth by injecting some medication into the root. Then he looked at the tooth that actually hurt and found a cavity on the back of it that no one noticed before. When all the drilling and the filling was said and done he had given me so much numbing medicine that I couldn't feel my left nostril and eye for an hour afterwards, and I'd had so much gas I came home and slept for an hour and a half.

And the pain pills came in very, very handy when everything wore off.

But at least I still have all of my teeth, thank you very much. For the moment, at any rate. Who knows what the morrow will bring?

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