Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Considering Whether or Not I Should Start Writing This New-Fangled Thing Called A Blog. What Do You Think?

Hello, my name is Chris.

You may remember me from a previous life. The one where I was not overtaken with knitting perfect potholders or catching up on complete seasons of television shows I used to watch before we got The Evil Satellite Dish.

The one where I actually had a life.

It is an amazing thing, this time we are given. And the fact that we are given only two hands and one brain really cuts down on the productivity part.

I mean, I could knit so many more potholders with four hands. And we all know world peace and the solution to hunger in underdeveloped nations can be solved with the hand-knit potholder.

It's a given.

There are other things I've been working on as well. The honest-to-goodness-this-time-no-backing-out Family Photo is coming up on November 1. The first photographer, my dear friend HeyJules, decided she was more comfortable shooting pics of nature than thirteen uncontrollable adults, and really? She ended up being the only SANE one in the whole process. I found another photographer willing to take the plunge (he hasn't met us yet) and we now have 2/3 of the equation. Well, maybe 3/5. We have the date, the photographer, the color group we're all wearing, but no place or time. I still have to work on that with the photographer, working around nap times and grouchy kids.

It's a good time all around.

In the process of all the good times, my left earbone has managed to swell up to the size of a grapefruit. It wouldn't be so bad except I look a little lopsided. At lunchtime yesterday I made a "quick" trip to the clinic inside the drugstore down the street to find that I had an outer ear infection. Apparently it doesn't go away on its own, so the clinician prescribed some cream and ear drops and antibiotics to bring it down to human size. Thankfully, the drugs are working.

Because it does nothing for one's self-esteem to have people look at you with horror in their eyes and say, "EEEEWWWW!!!" It tarnishes the brass just a bit.

In other news, I now have new glasses. And I pick up my new sunglasses today. And we bought a larger television for the office. And I can SEE again!!!

And hush.

I believe that's it for this edition of Whatever Happened to What's-Her-Name? Take care, and we'll see you again real soon!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see/hear/read you are still among the living! Beginning to wonder what happened to you... sounds like a lot of life happening!!! *S*
Debbie in MS

Linds said...

Glasses, AND a new TV!!! I am reading the small print with a magnifying glass, so I will not miss a word. That's me, needing to Know All. Wonderful that you have perfect vision. Excellent. Now we have the excitement of the family photo to await, and believe me, my friend, I do believe you are looking younger today than 8 years ago. Well, I haven't actually seen what the ear has done to the appearance, but still......