Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet the Folks, or Why We Need A Family Photo NOW

(L to R - Eldest Daughter, Eldest Son, The Boy, Me, The Girl, Hubster, Cutie's Mom, Cutie's Dad)

Oh the times, they have a-changed!

This photo was taken eight, count 'em, EIGHT years ago. It was the last formal family photo we had done. Complete with dogs. Onyx the black lab (L), was given to a farm family shortly after this shoot due to his propensity to eat everything in sight, including telephone wires, cable television wires, wallpaper and dirt. Lizzie, the miniature poodle, was six months old. Hogie (R) would soon be joined by Jewel, another rescued dog from a local shelter.

I am a bad, bad person. The history of my family has gone by the wayside. But not altogether. Here we all are, sans dogs and the new husband, on Eldest Girl's wedding day a couple of years later.

Since this photo we have added another daughter-in-law, two granddaughters and one grandson. Oh, and the son-in-law that didn't get pictured here for some reason or another.

Cutie's dad and mom (upper right) now live out of town and have a very tight schedule. We had originally planned this photo shoot for last July, but the weather was so hot and humid that we would have been miserable. We opted for fall instead. It looks like it will be another inside shoot due to the lateness of the season, but that's fine by me as long as we get the photo taken!

After all, The Boy and The Girl are now taller than I am...

It's embarrassing.

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Susanne said...

Hi Chris. Here I was sitting catching up reading some of your posts and my email bings and it's you commenting on my post. LOL. How weird is that?

Your family is beautiful. We finally went and got the "professional" shots done this last spring. They turned out great but here I sit with the discs in October and I still haven't got any printed. Sigh.