Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Manana Is Good Enough For Me

It has been an unfun day.

First of all, I'm fat. I can't seem to get the umpf to lose the weight at all. I guess it's the old fool me once, shame on you - fool me 1,348,934 times, shame on me thing. I know that I can lose most of it, but I also know it will come right back. Why set myself up for failure?

Such is my demented logic.

Add to this the face that I spilled soy sauce on my shirt today, the zipper broke on my pants, there are no leftovers for my lunch tomorrow, The Boy neglected to mow the yard AGAIN, and I have a headache.

However, tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow I will be alone at work. There are five people in my "wing" at work, one of which is a part-timer. Three of the full-time people will be on vacation. The part-timer is so quiet it's like no one is there when she IS there.

Tomorrow I can get work done. Tomorrow I will have a free Starbucks coffee because I have a coupon. Tomorrow I can go out to lunch. Tomorrow is The Girl's night to cook dinner. Tomorrow night the family will watch Big Brother together. Tomorrow is the day before payday.

And the sun will come out tomorrow. Betcher bottom dollar.

In the meantime, I'm going to bed to dream dreams of what is to be.

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