Thursday, August 13, 2009

Living La Vida Loca

Having nothing else to amaze and edify you today, I'm going to write about the mundane and random.

I know it's par for the course, but it's all I have.

  1. Hubster and I will visit the Social Security Administration tomorrow. He just turned 64, and he wants to find out if it will be worth it for him to get benefits early. I'm going along for the ride because, much as I love him, Hubster is not a detail-oriented kinda guy. And even if he was and he wrote down every word they said we'd still be up a creek without a paddle. No one can read Hubster's writing once it gets cold. Not even Hubster.
  2. Saturday is my youngest nephew's birthday. He will be 19, which is impossible since I'm only 31 and holding. Go figure. Tuesday is my mother-in-law's 94th birthday.
  3. Tuesday is also the first day of school in these parts. The Girl is a Senior this year and The Boy is a Sophomore, which is also impossible since they were both in diapers just last week. Age-wise, that is. Not literally.
  4. Three of the people in my office have had close relatives die in the past week. I know they say it comes in threes, but this is creepy. Which is why I made this #4 instead of #3.
  5. I am not in the least bit superstitious.
  6. The brown pants I wore yesterday are now in the trash bin. I don't do replacement zippers. Besides that, they were umpteen years old. I deserve new pants. I demand new pants. And by all that is, I will HAVE new pants!
  7. I am not in the least bit dramatic.
  8. Wendy's large-sized iced coffee is bigger than Starbucks and McDonald's. It is also much cheaper, and tastes just as good.
  9. We should be receiving two 50-K-Cup boxes of The Coffee People Donut Shop coffee sometime this week from Amazon. We were completely out of K-Cups and I had to get more at Bed, Bath and Beyond to tide us over until the shipment came in.
  10. I am not in the least addicted to coffee. I can quit at any time.
  11. Writing has been similar to tooth extraction for the past couple of weeks. At least from the dentist's end, I mean. My mind is a sieve. I guess I could say "My mind is a gently blooming flower, full of promise" because it would sound better, but that's baloney. Both literally and figuratively. I am in Writer's Hell right now. No ideas, no stories, NUTHIN'. Help me, Rhonda!
  12. Chocolate Coke is dead to me, at least for the time being. I'd rather have a cup of coffee. (See #10)

Now wasn't that exciting?

Stay tuned for "Friday: Today I cut my toenails...."

I lead such an adventurous life.

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