Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Death Toll Goes Up -BWA HA HA HA HA!!!

The count is now three.

Three verminous, furry, icky, tailed creatures are now gone.


And I have bought more traps, since it obvious we have been Invaded by Vermin Who Multiply and Eat Furniture. A recent discovery of a hole the size of an apricot in the back of one of the older chairs attests to this fact. It's halfway up the back of the chair. Why on earth they felt the need to gnaw through the fabric in the CHAIR is beyond me, but gnaw they did. And do.So this is what awaits the pestilence in my home. After trying out a plethora of traps, we found this one works the best. It does the job God intended it to do, and leaves only the tail of the miscreant sticking outside for public viewing after all is said and done.

Kind of like when you barbeque a raccoon and leave one paw on it so people know it's not a dog? Yeah, you know, like that.

Anyway, the tail is there to prove there is actually a mouse inside the trap, even though you can't see its little smooshed neck and/or head and/or guts because it's all nice and neatly covered up. And if you so choose, you can take this trap with the tail hanging out of it and release the little lever as you hold it over the trash can with your eyes closed, and the little rodent that was will plop on top of your trash without you having to see it at all.

And then you can reuse the trap. Of course, I would recommend rinsing it out with BOILING HOT WATER first to get rid of the remaining mouse guts, but that's just me.

And just for the record? We only use these traps once. We throw them away, mouse and all, even if they do cost around $4.50 each because...well...EEEEEWWWWWW. But if you're the thrifty sort with an iron stomach, more power to you!

You're a better man than I am. Or woman, for that matter.

More news on The War as it happens. Film at eleven. Or not.


Anonymous said...

I HATE mice! we used to live in the middle of a bean field, and everytime my husband bushogged the field the little critters ran for cover - straight to my house!!! Nothing worse than watching TV and seeing them out of the corner of your eye (notice I use the term "THEM" - never just one - multitudes!!!) Then you start to wonder where they are when you're in bed...oh never mind! Gives me the creaps just thinking about it!!! All this just to say GOOD LUCK!!!


Linds said...

Oh dear heaven------- I saw a mouse when the shed was gone today. It came from next door. Or did it swim the big pond from your place???

groovyoldlady said...

Awww, I love mice - as long as they are outside or in a cage with a cute little running wheel. When they move into my walls (or chairs) I become ruthless!

Oh, and "Kind of like when you barbeque a raccoon and leave one paw on it so people know it's not a dog? Yeah, you know, like that."? Pricelss!