Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Magic Fingers, Take Me Away

Today was Day Four of a migraine.

It hasn't been too awfully severe this time, so I haven't missed any work. What it has been is more of a pain in the neck (and head and eye) than anything else. Annoying. Hurting enough to make me cranky, but not enough to break out the big gun medicine.

HeyJules and I had coffee on Sunday and she suggested this go-round might be due to the stress I was feeling over selling Mom's house. She suggested getting a massage. I suggested the money tree sprout $75 for me to do just that, and we moved on to other topics.

But as the days wore on and the headache persisted, the massage was beginning to sound better and better. So today I looked for a reputable massage therapy provider close to where I work.

I have to phrase it that way because I work in Midtown. I could have said "a massage parlour" instead, but that would have given you entirely the wrong impression, although it would have been completely accurate for the locale. However, a mere six blocks from where I work the neighborhood gets a bit more classy and there actually are reputable massage therapy providers.

I was fortunate enough to find one that had an opening. Not only that, but it was in an almost brand new building and they offered chair massage. I made an appointment for a 20-minute chair massage for $20.

But wait, there's more.

Because I had by that time a blinding migraine, they treated me like a queen. They gave me ibuprofen along with fresh iced spring water to drink. Then instead of a chair massage they took me into one of the dim rooms with a table and had me lie down.

What followed can only be described as twenty minutes of heaven on earth while fully clothed.

The therapist had MAGIC FINGERS. She worked out the kinks in my shoulders and neck, then hit pressure points that apparently released the gremlins that were holding my head and eyeball hostage. By the end of the twenty minutes I barely knew I had a headache. An hour after I got back to work it was completely gone.

See this? This is me, rising up and calling her blessed at this very moment in time.

I am convinced that if I had an hour and a half lunch hour, she could have gotten rid of the entire headache with no problem. I know I would have enjoyed having her try.

The only problem with getting a full body massage at this place is that I'd have to go after work, and then I'd be all greased-pigish and wet-dishragish on the way home, and it's a 30 minute drive. Otherwise I'd LURVE to imbibe on a regular basis.

Because THOSE magic fingers were better than any bed you stick a quarter in.

Oh yes. Yes indeed.


Anonymous said...

I've never had a massage, but reading your description has me getting out the phone book and looking one up!!! Tell Jules I said hello - miss her blog!!!

Debbie in MS

Chris said...

Debbie, I forwarded your reply to her so she'd know how much she's missed. If you'd like to catch up on her photography (which is AMAZING), check out http://juleskphotography.wordpress.com/ and leave a comment for her. She'd love to hear from you as much as I do!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I've been lurking for so long, I feel like I know y'all!!! I found your site through Jules' site a long time ago - I followed the heartbreak of your Mom's illness and have admired how you and your sister have handled all the things you have had to do. I lost my mother unexpectedly 2 years ago, and although it's easier most days, I still want to pick up the phone several times a day just to say hi! I look at Jules pictures every day and hope that she will start blogging again! She had such great ideas about photography - and life!!!

And I know I keep saying it, but your blog cracks me up!!!! :-)