Sunday, May 24, 2009

We Are Starved for Words

It is no secret that my family is nothing but what keeps authors and publishing houses in business. We are ravenous for books. We devour them. We sever their flesh with our radioactive eyes and ears on a daily basis, never content. We must always have another at the ready to replace the one we just killed off.

In short, we love to read.

Because of this, it came as no surprise to Sis and me as we worked at Mom's today. Whilst setting up for the sale, we have set one whole room aside for nothing but books, audiobooks, movies and cassette tapes, with the occasional DVD or CD thrown in for good measure. As of today we have two six-foot tables completely covered, and we're hoping to get a third. What was once the playroom or Sis' old bedroom has now become The Library. To say it correctly one must point one's nose upward whilst speaking in a disdainful English accent. If, say, a customer at the sale were to ask if there were any books for sale, you'd say, "I believe they're (raised nose) in The Library, Madam." and you'd walk away in a proper disdainful huff.

Why, I don't know. Because the books? They will be CHEAP. And PLENTIFUL. Sis and I are even hauling our considerable fortunes of self-help, novels, literature, trashy novels, Christian trashy novels (they think about going to church at least once), spiritual books, computer books, mysteries, dog books, finance books, funny books, Captain Underpants name it, we've probably got it.

We also got one table set up for the collectible stuff before we called it a day. We're planning to do the same thing on Tuesday, since I'm on vacation. And tomorrow is the day we move the old furniture out of here and over to Mom's. FINALLY.

We're having the Cutie family over for lunch, then going over to Eldest's Son's for dinner. I hope we can get almost all of it moved tomorrow, then I can spend a goodly rest of my time off cleaning and reorganizing the dining room and office. Things are stinkin' FILTHY here.

At any rate, the Ambien seems to be doing what I pay it to do and I can barely keep mine eyes open. Rather than sleep in my chair I think I'll go upstairs.

Nighty Nite

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