Thursday, May 21, 2009

Randomness of a Random Order

Today was my last day of work for a few glorious, shining days. I am on vacation until Thursday next, and I have indeed vacated already - in both mind and body.

I have several HUGE projects lined up for my time off, almost none of which will actually get done. However, it is good to dream. Here they are, in some sort of order. If you can figure out what the order is, you're a better man than I am.

1. Get out of bed on a daily basis.

2. Go to Nephew's graduation from my Alma Mater tomorrow evening.

3. Sort through all the random (dare I say it?) crap in my office/dining room /basement/bedroom and box it all up or haul it all to the garage to be

4. Hauled to Mom's in a truck on Sunday for the sale.

5. Price all of Mom's stuff and my stuff and Sis' stuff.

6. Organize all of the stuff. (Mom would call this "doing it bass-ackwards")

7. Decide whether or not to call the city and have them come to fix this:

I mean, they did PROMISE to make it look like it did before and all, and it has been quite a few days...

But it does make our yard stand out from all the others, so I may not after all.

8. Take delivery of my BRAND NEW LAPTOP. (happyhappyjoyjoydancedance) And it can't come soon enough. I've had to reboot four times since I started this post. GRRRRRRR - Make that FIVE.

Here's the one I got from CDW. I think it was a great deal for $499. You will be hard-pressed to find one with this many features for this price elsewhere, IMHO. On top of that, I got the employee discount because it's the same company we use at work to purchase our computers. Now, if UPS would cooperate and be extra fast, I could be in business!

And with that, I'll be on my merry way before the computer crashes aga

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