Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Days Are Here Again

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please welcome Clarabelle to our midst!

She and I are just getting acquainted. I'm showing her the ropes, making a few adjustments, transferring a few files so she can get the lay of the land, and then I fully expect us to be the VERY BEST OF FRIENDS.


For right now I need to work on enlarging her typeface, because hello! I am BLIND AS A BAT. And Clarabelle? Her type and her icons are not for the feint of eye. But we have a whole lifetime to work out these little foibles.

Until then, if I can stop smothering her with kisses long enough, I may actually get something done for a change.

Without my computer rebooting or freezing up every 3.75 seconds.

True story: After fighting Hoopty Desktop for FIVE SOLID DAYS of reboot and freeze while I was on "vacation", I went to work today where there are real, live, WORKING computers. Every time my mouse ran a little bit slow I found myself reaching for the on/off switch to reboot because I knew it was coming at any minute.

Talk about your Pavlov's dog...

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