Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of Having A Pain And Being One


That's been about all I've been able to utter the live-long day, due to the migraine that landed on the beaches of my headbone at zero dawn thirty this morning. Hubster understood it to mean "Call my boss and tell him I won't be in today and why" because he reads me well after these gazillion years we've been married.

God bless his little pointed head.

I slept until around 1:00 p.m. with my friend Mr. Hot Stuff the heating pad wrapped around my head. Yes, I thought about getting up to go downstairs and shuffle through my purse to find the Imitrex to take. But thinking was about as far as I got. It was just too much to handle, and by the time I woke up the second time it was too late for it to do much good anyway. I'd much rather lie on the couch with my head wrapped in a heating pad on an 80-degree day.

Let's just say it was a character-building exercise and leave it at that.

Hubster was gone all day running errands with his mother, the kids were at school, and it would have been a really great day to have the house all to myself if I'd felt like doing anything. Instead, I enjoyed several movies while in my prone position - when I could see past the plaid cover of the heating pad - and napped. After all, it was obvious I was sleep-deprived after only fourteen or fifteen hours of sleep the night before.

Long about 7:00 p.m. The Girl and Boyfriend came in and started playing Scrabble. I've had a Scrabble set that has remained unopened since the dawn of time because I could never get anyone to play it with me, and it finally got its first use tonight. Thankfully, the Migraine Marines had retreated somewhat for the evening, so I joined in one of the games.

Let me just say this - SOMEONE was soundly trounced. And it wasn't me.

Look THAT one up on your cell phone dictionary, Mr. "Xi isn't a word!"

Not that I would ever gloat.


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Linds said...

I hope the migraine has gone for good, Chris - and that yoiu have another day at home to recover. Not to mention as reward for trouncing he/she who shall be nameless. I love Scrabble. We need to be sure there is a set at this mythical cabin. And I will start reading dictionaries now, just to be sure I know the definitions of all the magical words I will come up with!