Monday, April 27, 2009

And Then I Slept Some More

It's been a real snore fest around these parts lately.

Oh, not that there wasn't a lot to do. Far from it. There are floors to mop and things to dust and laundry, blessed laundry, ever-present laundry to do every moment of every day. But for the past few days things have come to a standstill. Why?

Because Momma had a migraine.

Not JUST a migraine, but one of those three-day pain parties that just keep on giving. From Wednesday through Friday I was pretty much out of it. Even went to the doc to get "THE SHOT" on Thursday, which only succeeded in knocking me out fifteen hours straight. Friday was back to the same old grind in the head.

Saturday offered some relief, but I couldn't sleep for beans. Until around 4:30 a.m., when I managed to catch twelve more hours.

Talk about sleeping your life away...

Today is the first day I've actually felt human in over five days, and I guess that's a good thing. I actually made it in to work again. And, even though the shop that carried my antique leaded glass window supposedly closed for good last Friday, they actually were around today and let me buy it at a deep discount! There are a couple of cracked panes in it, and some of the leading needs to be replaced. I called Eldest Son, who took some classes in the art of stained glass, to see if he could repair it. He'll be by later on to take a look.

Of course, when I got it home Hubster saw no beauty in it whatsoever. Ditto The Boy. The Girl thought the old broad a bit wacko fo buying it in the first place. However, I think it has character and history and elegance of a bygone era, and hang on my wall it will.

They'll get used to it. After all, they eventually got used to me, didn't they?

In the meantime, we're having a hard time trying to find an estate sale company to help us out with the remainder of the stuff in Mom's house. Seems as though we just don't have enough to sell. Right now we're looking into an auction house that takes small lots to be auctioned off, hoping they'll take what we have and combine it with other lots for auction. Neither of us can face all the work it will take to organize, price and man a sale at her house, not to mention the emotional problems we'd face seeing her things being pawed over by strangers. I hope this pans out!

I called the monument company today to see how they're coming on Mom's headstone. We should hopefully see some proofs within the next week or so. They're still working toward getting it up before Memorial Day, which would be dandy with both me and Sis. Mom has lain anonymous for too long.

Tomato plants have been purchased for the annual Feed The Squirrels event. Hopes are high that we may actually get one or two this year for human consumption, but that remains to be seen. I'll have to check with the Farmer's Almanac to see when the sign is right for transplanting.

And then? I think I'll take a nap.

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