Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pulling The Rug Out From Under Her

Lizzie is in crisis.

Her routine, indeed, her whole world, is in chaos right now.

Every morning Hubster comes in from his job. The first thing he does is to let Lizzie out of her kennel in the office, located just behind the living room. She trots around the dining room and kitchen, through the living room and out the back door.

While she's doing her business in the back yard, Hubster fills her dishes with food and water. Her dishes are located just inside the kitchen on the linoleum. He then opens the back door to let her in.

She races to the food bowl, takes a bite, then steps out into the living room to crunch it down on the carpet.

Only now there's no carpet anymore. So she hasn't been eating.

It's almost as if she's mourning the loss of the carpet.

To make her feel better, we took her dishes and placed them in the dining room, which is still carpeted. Thankfully, she ate. However, that's a short-term solution as our goal is to remove that carpeting as well.

Poor Liz. She may end up eating on a throw rug somewhere.


groovyoldlady said...

Poor, confused doggie!

ker said...

I left a note on the qc report (awaiting approval) - your Lizzie will be ok!! My dog Sputnik went thru the same thing when we moved into our current house with all hardwood floors... we tried putting a throw carpet next to her dishes but she's stubborn like her fur-mom (me)!