Sunday, March 08, 2009

Some Stuff And A Plea For Help

Here it is, Sunday night. The clock says 9:15 p.m., but my body says it's an hour earlier. I hate, despise, and generally loathe every time we switch from "regular" to Daylight Savings Time and back again. If I had my choice, we'd stay on DST year in and year out.

After all, I'm old. I can be cantankerous if I want to.

Speaking of being old, it seems as though the personal summers I thought were a thing of the past, aren't. I can't understand why everyone yells at me when I turn on the attic fan. After all, it's at least 68 degrees in the house and I'm breaking a sweat.

You'd think they could cut me a little slack.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend were here for the evening meal, and the topic at the dinner table was gross animal stories. With apologies to any vegetarian or animal rights readers out there, of course. The conversation took a turn toward roadkill, livestock castration, and how many different animals can be made into chili.

Anyone want to make a reservation at Maison de Chris?

In other news, one large wall remains to be sheet rocked before the mudding begins. Hubster works at his own pace, and I will not hurry him. I called to request the furniture delivery be delayed by a week, and I may have to call again depending on how things go.

This is a reasonable facsimile of one of the chairs. In real life the print is smaller and the cinnamon color shows up much more. The couch and chair-and-a-half are the same cinnamon color without the floral print.

I believe in some parts of the country they call that a "solid color."

Which just goes to show I always take the long way around everything I do.

So Interpeeps, I need your advice. Knowing that I now have actual WALLS to PAINT, what color would you paint those very walls? The sage green that you can't quite see on the floral print is out, since Hubster feels as though we have too much green in the house. That would be our entryway and hallway. And bear in mind that one of these chairs will go in front of each window on either side of the fireplace, so I'll have to have window treatment suggestions as well.

And the decorating? It is not my strong suit. Even though I do love this chair, as hideous as some of you may think it is.

Anxiously awaiting your opinions, and if you could give me URLs so I could see the colors you're talking about, por favor, I would greatly appreciate that!


Linds said...

Hmmm. I am with you on DST too. I want it to stay that all year round.

The chair. Now I need to know if you want the room to be airy and bright or cosy and warm, and if you will have scatter cushions in different colours or the same and SWATCHES..... I need swatches!!!
I love the chair, by the way. And I tried to blow it up bigger but couldn't. How does a pale gold/cinnamon colour sound? I need more details! And my failure to slither through the scree and emerge in your study is hampering my decorating advice here.

Janet said...

I was going to suggest a light mocha, but now that I had read Linds idea, I agree with her. The pale gold would really make those colors pop.

groovyoldlady said...

I'd paint the walls a sage-ish green. Well no, I don't paint. So let me rephrase that: I'd tell my husband to paint it a lovely sage-ish green.

I went to a Christmas dinner for a church small group. All the guys sat in the living room and discussed guy stuff while we petite, demure and classy ladies discussed many totally gross and disgusting farm topics like slaughtering, castrating, entubating, and fitting for shows at the fair when your goat has diarrhea. We discussed all this while shoveling in yummy food and multitudes of decadent desserts.

Singing Owl said...

Ditto on the DST all year round.

I love the chair. I would paint the walls a pale version of cinnamon. I will try to find a sample and send it.