Monday, March 02, 2009

And So It Begins...

This is the scene that greeted me as I came home from work today. It seems as though the demolition is actually taking place.

And the furniture is coming a week from today.

Somehow I feel as though we're in an episode of some HGTV show gone very, very wrong. After all, aren't there supposed to be hordes of people helping out with this? Shouldn't there be a designer and a crew of carpenters and painters and all sorts of lackeys to help?

No, Lizzie doesn't count. All she wants to do is curl up in the carpeting and shred the padding. Some lackey she is.

There used to be a bookcase on top of the right side of this half wall. It went almost up to the ceiling. But from the top of the bookcase to the ceiling were several spindles, which REALLY gave it that stuck-in-the-70's look. The left side was just spindles. We were a spindle-happy bunch.

Just so you know, I hate spindles. No offense to you spindle-lovers out there. They just aren't my bag.

This shows the wonderful spot on the ceiling. You know, the one that's been there since we moved in? Hey, it's over a stairway, and there were all these spindles... Besides, we've only lived here for TEN YEARS or so.

But the best surprise of all was what we found when the carpet was pulled back.

Pegged hardwood floors! After all these years of steam cleaning the carpeting, after all the abuse it's taken, we expected the floor underneath it to look awful. However, these floors look so nice we could almost clean, wax and buff them alone instead of refinishing them.

Now I'm excited.

Scared to death it won't be finished before it needs to be, but excited nonetheless.


Linds said...

Wow! Those floors are stupendous! What a blessing! I hope you have a skip thingy in the drive to toss all the carpet and spindles into. I hate spindles too. keep posting progress photos!

Janet said...

I love the wood floors. They are beautiful. When I pulled back the carpet from my 50's home I found lovely brown speckled linoleum.

groovyoldlady said...

Oh. Oh. OH! You are making me want to pull up my 70's pink bedroom carpet. That wood floor is SO BEAUTIFUL!