Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wonders of the Weekend

Yesterday we were the recipients of several inches of what has become that vile white stuff known as snow. It was thick, it was deep, it was slick.

So I went shopping.

Sis called to cancel on the weekly house breakdown at Mom's, so I took The Girl to work at a local craft and decor store. I don't often shop there since I don't want to hear about how I embarrassed her when she gets home from work. Because, as all parents do, I have a penchant for cackling loudly for no reason whatsoever at inappropriate times, scratching odd places on my person, and using words with too many syllables when carrying on conversations with my imaginary friends. But only in the presence of The Girl and her fellow employees, supervisors, and other customers.

However, this particular store was having an 80% off sale on selected merchandise, and being as I need to re-accessorize when the new furniture eventually comes in sometime in late 2117, I braved the elements. Besides, The Girl needed a ride to work because she didn't want to drive in all the white stuff. She suffered through.

An hour and a half later I left the store with a swag, two oval-ish columnar candles of different heights, a holder for the candles, three candle/fireplace butane lighters, and a beautiful red-ish crackly-glass jar with a gold lid. Not only did I get 80% off on most of it, but I got The Girl's employee discount of an additional 15% as well. The whole transaction cost me immensely few dollars and little cents.

Unlike the subsequent trip to our friendly Mart of the Wal.

When the kids were in diapers and I made my weekly trip there to replenish my supply, I could never leave the place for less than $50. That amount has tripled over the years. Of course, I don't go there every week anymore either, so there is that. However, instead of the $15 package of diapers I used to get, I'm now in charge of four different kinds of deodorant, mouthwash, contact lens solution, face wash, untold bottles of shampoo, body wash, conditioner, hairspray, mousse, gels, razors, shaving cream, and all manner of other unmentionables.


We missed church last night. I had to pick The Girl up from work, Hubster was helping Eldest Son with some plumbing, and we ended up doing the grab-whatever-you-can-find for dinner.

We made up for the lost service last night by going to church today. After lunch we started on the living room remodel. We got the small bookcase emptied.

And quit.

Somehow I think we may have bitten off more than we can chew in a reasonable amount of time.

Should I be scared yet?

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Linds said...

I would have zapped straight back into the shop where the daughter works and bought a couple more bags of swag my friend. 80% off plus 15% off. WAIT!! I AM ON MY WAY!!!! Just think how much damage we could do if there were 2 of us! She would have to resign.

I feel you have done immensely well to have managed to empty one book case. Sheesh. You want to exhaust yourself??