Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Of Seasons and Plans

The humidifier has been running all day in my office, making the air quite pleasant to breathe, actually. Much different from those moisture-free days of yore before the addition of this source of comfort. I hate it when it hurts to draw in air because every portion of nasal passage is cracked and dry.

Not that you needed that mental picture.


I think I'm ready for Spring to get here and stick around for a while. I'd like to see it get warm enough to where I can open windows and air out the house, clean the carpets without fear of them mildewing, and enjoy a walk without freezing my considerably-sized behind.

And yet there are still at least two months of Winter left. In this part of the world, anyway.

Along with Spring comes the need to get a stone up on Mom's grave. She's been there now for two months, and it looks like it's going to be a permanent stay, so it would be a good thing if we identified her. Sis and I have talked about the stone and decided what it should look like and how it should read. Now all I have to do is either make a trip down there and give them the order, or mail the order to them. I'm thinking I'll make the trip over President's Day.

After all, I have a GPS now. I can go ANYWHERE!

Not that I couldn't before, but now I can go there without getting lost. It's a whole 'nuther world, my friends. A whole 'nuther world.


Linds said...

Amen to the advent of spring, my friend. We are due heavy snow tonight and all of me is cold, never mind the rear.

The world is indeed your oyster! GPS.... you can go anywhere! Mind you, I do have a friend who ended up in a field. It had to be a male friend, didn't it. A female would have stopped and argued before they entered any field. Of course. We are superior brains.

Carol @SheLives said...

Mom? Grave? Two months? Oh my. You've been through a lot in my absence. I'm sorry I wasn't here for you. So sorry about your mom.