Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Of Medicine and Royalty


That's the news from the orthopod after viewing the MRI of my knee. He now believes the pain I've been having is due to arthritis behind the kneecap. The MRI showed no tears in any ligaments, including the meniscus.

And a collective sigh of relief was let out from the congregation.

The course of treatment from here involves (1) ignoring it, (2) cortizone shots, (3) Synvisc shots, (4) arthroscopic surgery to clean out the arthritis, then (5) knee replacement. In that order, if it ever gets that bad. Which we fervently hope it does not.

On the cardiac front, the heart has been pronounced Mary Poppins-ish - practically perfect in every way. Yet another sigh of relief. I'm two for two.

The Girl has Boyfriend over here getting their t-shirts ready for "Match Your Date Day" for their school's Spirit Week. She chose to put this photo of the two of them on both of their shirts in case anyone wondered who was dating whom.

Boyfriend is understandably thrilled to be here helping with the preparation of the shirts. He mentioned something about 8 p.m. being his bedtime and having to go home, but The Girl wouldn't let him get away with it.

He is obviously the dominant one in the relationship.

And I have some swampland in Arizona I'd like to sell you if you believe that one.

Because really? It's always been about Her Highness, The Princess of All She Surveys.

I kind of feel sorry for him.

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Linds said...

WONDERFUL! Our knees are in similar places. That is my arthritis stuffywhatsit too. Grade 4 osteo-arthritis behind the knee cap. But I, however, have no been offered any of the middle things. Just told I will need a new knee one day. Hah! Mine will do fine.

And the girl? Oh boy. You are goign to have fun in the next couple of years!