Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008, Please Exit Quietly By The Rear Doors

For me, 2008 is a year best forgotten.

It began with a plethora of medical testing to see why I couldn't get rid of The Neverending Cough. The cough that caused me to stop singing at church, stop enjoying life, and start wondering if it would ever end. The answer was eventually found and I got better - after three long months of tests and more months of healing.

I thought the trials for the year were finally over. I was wrong.

I started singing again. I sang one Sunday, and cried from the normalcy of it all. The ability to worship God in my own true pathway was back! We found out Eldest Daughter was pregnant with her third child. Another gift!

And then the other shoe dropped.

The second Sunday I was supposed to sing I couldn't. Mom had suffered a heart attack and stroke. The next six months were consumed with her care, the ups and downs, the hopes that were eventually dashed, our decision to bring her home, her death and the aftermath.

ED lost the baby.

There have been issues with my remaining parent and his wife. Suffice it to say our relationship is strained.

When I think about this during the vacation, I will try to come up with a reason for it all. What was God trying to teach me during 2008? To lean on Him more? I have. To trust Him in all things? I had no choice but to do that very thing. To forgive? Again and again and again. To try to make amends? Been there, done that, been slapped in the face for it.

Right now it's a mystery. But I can truthfully say I hope and pray there is never a year this bad again in my lifetime.

Good riddance, 2008. Don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out.


Linds said...

It has been One of Those Years, hasn't it? I am not sorry to see the back of it either. May your 2009 be a year of peace, many smiles, joy and contentment, Chris. Lots of love

HeyJules said...

You are the second friend of mine who couldn't wait for this year to be over (and both of you with good reason) but I shall miss it probably more than any other year in my life.

If I could change years with you, I would. I really would. Let this year be your year and I'll sit here quietly with my BUDGET while I try to figure out what God is trying to teach me. go play. Just don't forget to stop and join me a cuppa cuppa every once in awhile.

Susanne said...

Praying that 2009 brings good things for you and your family, Chris!

groovyoldlady said...

2008 was bad for you...2009 is rocking (in a bad way) for me. Lost 2 friends unexpectedly in 36 hours time.

I'm reeling, but can't even imgine what their families are feeling.

Can't even. imagine.

God have mercy!

My word verification is "frtess". My brain immediately saw "fortress". He is our Fortress. Our shield and our strength. God is good. ALL the time.
Praise His name forever!

Janet said...

Hope 2009 will bring you happiness.

Singing Owl said...

Yep, I agree. 2008 can't be gone soon enough.

You said, "I will try to come up with a reason for it all. What was God trying to teach me during 2008?..." and then list some possibilities.

I do believe God redeems all pain we give to Him in some way. He does not waste anything. But I also think perhaps God was not trying to teach you anything. SOmetimes there are simply no reasons for stuff except that in this fallen, sin soaked, broken world, bad stuff will happen. It is common to Man, and it will be till eternity arrives. Life is hard. Take the moments of joy as gifts, dear one. Thank you for your prayers for me and the thoughts. It is always hard to lose one's mother, no matter what. I hope your vacation was terriffic.

And I hope 2009 is a better year for both of us. For me it was a year of confusion, more confusion, failures, more confusion, the death of my sister and now the death of my mom...BRING ON 2009!


Singing Owl said...

P.S. I nominated you for an award over at my place. Come see. :-)