Monday, September 08, 2008

Please Sir, Can I Have S'Mores?

Yes, I am an addict.

I have a secret stash hidden away from the rest of the family. It contains graham crackers, large marshmallows, and Hershey's milk chocolate bars. And every evening, every single evening, I imbibe.

I remove two of the unbroken graham crackers from the cellophane package, placing them scored-side-up. One marshmallow is placed directly in the center of each side. The Hershey bar is ceremoniously unwrapped and placed scored-side-up on top of the other graham cracker.

Graham cracker #1 then goes into the microwave for twenty seconds. Not a second more, not a second less. The marshmallows swell just enough and get just hot enough to melt the chocolate on the other graham cracker as I upend the first on to the second and squish it down.

And wait.

Because, if you wait too little time, the chocolate will still be hard and won't ooze correctly. And we just can't have un-oozing chocolate, now can we?

And then, then there's the first bite. AHHHHHHHHhhhhhh...
What could be finer? Except maybe a softer graham cracker so that it doesn't crumb all over the place, but that's neither here nor there. It's the taste of all three things mixed in glorious harmony that keeps me coming back night after night...for s'more.

Lest you judge me for my proclivity to caloric snackables, let me be quick to point out that I am not the only one with a stash in the house. Hubster has candy bars hidden away from prying eyes. The Girl has cookies and cans of Arizona Iced Tea. And from whom are we hiding all of this?

The Boy.

The child we used to have to force to eat more than three bites at one setting. He's now become a neverending furnace in need of constant and continual fueling. Whatever he finds that is edible is no longer findable once he's found it because it isn't anymore.

Because of this we all hoard food. Otherwise there would be no food to hoard. The skinny eternal furnace would get it all.

So far my stash is safe, as is Hubster's and The Girl's. We just need to keep a close eye out and enjoy our s'more when he's asleep so it doesn't become s'less.


Linds said...

Unfortunately we have no graham crackers here. Sigh. I am deprived.

Linds said...

Or I may be having them for breakfast.

HeyJules said...

I won't tell the boy if you share your stash...