Thursday, September 04, 2008

If There Are Seven Plagues They Have Hit Us By Now

Things have not been all wine and roses lately.

As a matter of fact, I'm beginning to think that entity which shall not be named because I refuse to give it credit for anything has been working overtime to make our lives a little bit of hell here on earth.

But guess what?

We're praising God.

In the past month we've seen Mom be hospitalized, have a heart attack, get a transfusion, undergo two different "procedures" and be released from the hospital. We've seen Hubster's mom admitted to the hospital with mini-strokes. We've seen my precious aunt hospitalized with a small amount of pneumonia and an inability to rid herself of extra fluid.

We've paid out around $2000 to keep the Suburban running. We've been hit with medical bills from years ago that we didn't even realize we had. We've had some sort of flying insects invading the kitchen. And we've suffered our own health issues.

But we're praising God.

Because that unnamed entity WILL NOT WIN.

We've read the back of The Book, and we know.


Todd M said...

Great post. You are an encouragement and an inspiration to me. Just the same, I am sorry for all the junk you've been going through. You're doing the right things though -- just keep on swimming and trusting.

Linds said...

You can have your evil entity back on your side of the pond thanyouverymuch. I have had enough of it here too. Onwards and upwards, my friend. I do believe I have conquered the computer. Kicking it seems to have helped.

Debra said...

I am sorry to hear that you have had heartache recently but am happy to hear that God is holding your hand.

I noticed your Alz ribbon on your blog. I am actually in the Sr Living business as a National Sales Specialist. I travel the east and west coast visiting our different communities.

I hope to visit your blog again and read more about you and your family.

I am new to the blog world. If you have time this week please visit my blog and say hello.