Saturday, September 20, 2008

In Which I Prove Myself To Be A Sluggard And A Very Bad Friend

I was supposed to have coffee with HeyJules this morning.

I say "supposed to" because I stood her up. Because I am a terrible friend.

But not because I intentionally meant to do it, honestly. I REALLY wanted to talk with her, to have coffee, and to try the new oatmeal (for which I have a free coupon) at Starbucks. I NEEDED it. I CRAVED it.

But then The Girl came in my room crying at 6:15 ayem. She had yet another migraine. This is a record for her - she never has two in one week. I gave her one of my Imitrex to take and she came to bed with me for a while. I rubbed her head and went back to sleep. Then she got up and performed the "Shoe Dance" in the bathroom and in the toilet this time. I called her boss at her part-time job to tell her she wouldn't be in, and the last thing I remember is thinking I had an hour and a half before I had to get up to meet Julie.

And so I slept. Until almost 10:45 a.m.

We were supposed to meet at 10.

I felt like slug juice.

I came downstairs, and just as I thought, there was a sweet, nice, lovely message on my voicemail from Julie telling me I'd best hike my butt up there soon or she was leaving. Unfortunately, by the time I got it she'd already left. So I called and apologized over her voicemail.

And now I'm doing it in public, for all the world to see.

I'm sorry, my friend. I owe you a Chai Tea. On me.

Or maybe I should just buy you a gift certificate for one in case I don't show up....


HeyJules said...

Honey, I'm just so glad it wasn't because of your mom. Besides, I got to see an old friend and got caught up on her life so nothing lost - except time with my buddy.

Let me know when you can make it and we'll have that bowl of oatmeal.

Linds said...

Try double time next weekend instead - means more chat and more coffee too!

groovyoldlady said...

You CRAVE oatmeal?