Monday, September 15, 2008

I Need Some New, New Blue Suede Shoes

Well, actually some black sandals.

You see, The Girl had a migraine tonight.

While those two things might seem incongruous, you will soon see how I manage to weave a tale of spellbinding literary mastery around them that equals no other, leaving you to gasp in amazement at the skill with which one person can shovel out drivel at a rate of speed so fast as to make one's mind fairly spin.

Or I could, you know, tell the story.

The Girl inherited the migraine gene from me. I got it from Mom, who got it from her mother, and so on and so on, ad infinitum, amen and amen. She rarely gets the blasted things, but as she gets older they show up more frequently. She scared us to death once when she couldn't feel her hands during a migraine until we rushed her to the emergency room and found out that some people have that symptom.

Lucky girl.

Mostly she just gets blind spots and nausea to go along with the migraine. In the past a couple of Excedrin or something similar have done the job of taking it away, but again, as she gets older these over-the-counter remedies don't seem to be working. Tonight she was blessed with the nausea, the blind spots, AND not being able to feel her hands.

This one was really special.

After a double dose of the OTC medicine with no results we decided to take her to the local Urgent Care. They've been very good to me in the past when my head has been about to explode, so I knew they would treat her well. As an added plus, it's only five minutes from the house.

By this time The Girl was near tears. She couldn't find her shoes, so she put on a pair of my sandals and off we went. However, on the way there what usually happens in the ER or at home happened in the car.

I had to pull over and stop very quickly, because Sister Girl lost her lunch. And not only did she lose it, but she lost it all over one of MY SHOES.


Thankfully I had a handful of napkins and a trash sack in the car, so she cleaned up and we went the final minute to the office. She walked in barefoot. They put her in a dark room, then gave her two shots - one for the nausea and one for the pain - and we went home. She's now upstairs sleeping it off.

And me?

I'm cleaning shoes.


HeyJules said...


Poor Girl. Poor, POOR YOU!

Singing Owl said...

Awww, poor thing. :-( Sounds so miserable.

And ditto Jules for your shoe.

groovyoldlady said...

I would find something humorous to say here except that I've had the headache from hell for the past 3 days. Today my chiropractor, after much clucking at the evil and covert physical activities which have led to my crippled and twisted back (ie. trimming a shrub), he said, "This kind of neck wreckage can result in a migraine. You want me to fix it? It won't be pretty."

It wasn't pretty, but the headache is gone.

Therefore, I cannot laugh; my sympathy level is just way too high right now!