Monday, September 01, 2008

There's Nothing Like A Weekend Of Grandkids To Make You Feel Loved

And very, very old. And tired.

Sweetie Pie and Little Man came to spend part of the morning and the afternoon with us today. They were both as good as gold, and both had more energy than Grandpa and I did put together.

Little Man had his lunch, then decided he wanted a bowl of cereal for dessert. So he got it. After all, this is Grandpa and Grandma's house, not home. Add to that one banana, and he was ready for a nap.

Sweetie Pie had half of the banana Little Man discarded and two jars of baby food before it was time to head off to dreamland. When I laid her down in the port-a-crib it took her a full minute of crying before she was fast asleep. Not so with Little Man.

He decided he didn't want to sleep in his uncle or his aunt's room. He wanted to sleep in "his" bed, which happened to be MY bed. When I tried to nap with him, he would have none of it because I laid down on my side of the bed, which was "his" side of the bed and used "his" pillow. You see, when Grandpa watches him while I'm at work, Grandpa always puts him on my side of the bed for his nap. He's used to it, and he won't give it up. It's "his place" at our house.

Unfortunately, it's also mine.

So I took over Grandpa's place and we both had a lovely nap. Little Man woke up before I did and told me it was time to wake up and play. I told him Grandpa was downstairs waiting for him and I was going to sleep a little longer. I remember him coming back upstairs to try to wake me up again when his parents came to get him. He said something like "Get up, Gramma! My daddy is downstairs to get me and he wants to talk to you." I told him to have his daddy talk to Grandpa, and I went back to sleep.

Because I am nothing if not a caring, stellar-type, superstar of a grandmother.

Where do I go to pick up my award?


Linds said...

Beautiful babes, Chris! I think sleeping on is perfectly reasonable, myself.

Jo said...

Cutie has it i safe keeping for you, but be careful because she thought it would taste better with ketchup. Is there any other way to grandbaby sit then to feed them and take a nap? We are going to have to be writing all of this down for Linds so she will have a guide book on how to be a proper Grandmum.

Linds said...

I am going to be the BEST Granny! I have many tales to tell re this child's father's early years. See?? I know what to do.

I am also very good at crawling round the floor. And being jumped on. I have ketchup. I will have toys. I have a bed for naps. I have everything I need, don't I???

Oh, and arms to cuddle them, and a heart to love them to bits too. I am sorted.
(And friends to lead me astray too!)