Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well, THAT Was Refreshing, So Now Here's The Rub

The crying jag over, I've been looking for something else to do.

What I am in favor of at this moment in time is a couple of days alone in the country. Anyone got a cabin in the woods they wanna loan me? Of course, it will have to have indoor plumbing, air conditioning, no rodents or slithery beasts, and a nice porch swing wouldn't hurt.

Not that I would ever look a gift horse in the mouth or anything.

And speaking of gift horses, let me just say this...

A Very Dear Friend of mine decided to gift me in a very big way today. She knows the stress rocket I've been riding the past couple of months has been in danger of exploding more than once or fifty times. She's been on the receiving end of phone calls and emails when I've been at my worst. And my worst has been pretty doggone bad.

And believe it or not, she's still my friend.

And this wonderful, kind, loving, generous friend of mine FORCED me to accept (OK, so there was very little forcing, just lots of crying and kissing of feet on my part) a one-hour, all expenses paid, hot stone massage at a local place she's been to when she's been under stress. We met there after coffee this morning, and I now have an appointment for Tuesday night at 7 p.m. to become a quivering mass of liquid Jello right before I go to bed.

I can't wait.

Somehow, just knowing All The Massaging is waiting for me just makes life a little better...a little easier to handle. Knowing I don't have to think about anything at all but whatever music is playing, whatever candles are lit, whatever tension is released and how in the world I'm going to drive home without falling asleep is a gift in and of itself.

I may not even need to have the actual massage.

And if you believe that, I've got some swampland in Arizona I'd like to talk with you about...

So, once again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU Dear, Dear Friend.

I promise to use your gift ever so well!


HeyJules said...

Well, so much for doing things in secret so they store up treasure in heaven...



I have smiled all day knowing you will spend the next three days thinking about what is to come. You go and enjoy and make that lady work it!

Linds said...

Perfect. Just perfect. I can hear your sigh of anticipated bliss from here. Enjoy every second! And maybe you need to get a driver to pick you up and bring you home afterwards or you may fall asleep!
What a great friend!

Jo said...

What a wonderful friend you have Chris. No doubt a relaxing experience like that was just what the doctor ordered.

I know if it were me the last thing I would worry about would be how I am going to drive myself home afterwards. I would have melted before their very eyes and fused myself to the floor so I wouldn't at any time be far from the source of comfort.

groovyoldlady said...

Awww, I thought she was going to take you horseback riding. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed the pampering instead. (I would have preferred the horse!)