Monday, August 18, 2008

Gee, Mom! Will You HURRY UP???

High School, Day 1, 2008.

The Girl, a Junior. The Boy, a Freshman. The Mom, barely awake enough to aim the camera at zero dawn thirty before they left for school.

You know, they gripe and moan and complain and try to hurry me up every stinkin' year when we do this, but they will EVENTUALLY learn that this is the first day of school drill. Heck, I may even follow them to college if they don't watch out.

You think I'm kidding?



Jo said...

So where is the cake? I heard some where that there would be cake...

Nice picture BTW, but I am sure someone said something about cake. If you find it give me a shout and I will be right over.

Linds said...

I'm with Jo - you said CAKE!!!!!!!We are here for the cake!
I sincerely hope there was one on the table by the time they got home. Great kids and I can SO see you sneaking off to college with your camera!
The cake... where is it?????

Chris said...

I distinctly remember rescinding the cake offer. It was merely an enticement to get you to come and gaze upon the wonder that has become my almost ADULT children.


I will serve cake at their respective weddings, and both of you are invited.

HeyJules said...

I want cake!

I can't get over how much the boy has changed in one year!!! And the girl is just gorgeous as always.

You should regrow that procreate very well.

groovyoldlady said...

Lovely children. Just lovely. (That's to you)

Lovely young woman and young man. (That's to them)