Tuesday, April 08, 2008

FREE! Worship Music!! But HURRY!!!

Matt Maher is a gifted and talented writer and performer who wants to give all the glory to God. Witness this:

Go here to listen to it.

Yep, he wrote it. Chris Tomlin (you may remember him) sang it. And now he has his own CD out! It's called Empty and Beautiful, and I can assure you if it isn't playing at home or in my car, I'll have the receptionist playing it in the lobby at work for all our guests to hear.

I'm sure it's that good.

My good friend Brian is making 100 of these available to bloggers with traffic of over 50 unique persons per month. If you are one of those people, please go here to sign up for a FREE copy of this new release.

You'll thank me later. And for now, you're welcome.

Update: The freebies are gone, but you can still get this CD at an incredible price from MusiChristian.com. The online CD is only $8.97. Go. Listen. Rejoice!


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