Sunday, April 06, 2008

Because I Is Smart I Is In Luv

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages! Let me introduce you to my newest obsession!

This is called the Smart Car. In particular, this is the Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe. And I heart it. I heart it greatly. I heart it so much I want to marry it, but probably because I know it will die before me and leave me all its vast wealth so that I can purchase yet another Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe.

I am fickle that way.

Hubster and I have been discussing this fetish of mine for a while now. And the temperature for this particular piece of machinery on my part is running high. Yes, I've got a fever that can't be cured by mere cowbell, folks. And it has 40 MPG written all over it.

That alone was enough to set my little heart a-flutter.

And from the testimonials I've read from unbiased owners, that's the LOW end of the spectrum.

With me paying upwards of $40 a week for gas nowadays due to the half-hour commute I have each way to work, this seems like a great way to save some moola. The tank is a little over 8 gallons. With only two seats it will be great for me to tool around town, since nine times out of ten I'm the only one in the car anyway. And with gas hitting $4.00/gallon and up, this could be just the boost I need to make ends meet. And besides...


It's CUTE.


So last Friday, unbeknownst to Hubster, I drove out to the only dealership in our area, which happens to be 20 miles away, and took a test drive. When he found out what I'd done he chastised me greatly for wasting so much petrol, but honestly, I couldn't help myself. And OH! It was dripping with CUTE and FUN and now not only do I heart it, but I have committed the sin of coveting it in my heart of hearts....not because other people have it and I don't, but just because I don't.

I think that's reason enough. After all, one does not need much reason to sin, now does one?

So I'll be saving my pennies for this one, Gentle Readers. And after I have enough to equal $99.00 worth, I may just order me one. Because in case I didn't mention it, there is a ONE YEAR WAIT after you order this little gem for it to be delivered. Maybe by then they will come up with cruise control as an option.

Oh, and a GPS system. Not that I'd ever need one, of course.


sara l said...

You have mail. :)

And the car is rediculously cute. I'm not even going to let myself click through because my big goal right now is paying off my current car loan...

Linds said...

So where is the photo of you in it?? Good choice! Save those pennies!