Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Cleaning

It is a bright and sunny day!

Yesterday, it seems, was World Naked Gardening Day.  I'm sure many of you participated, and I do hope you wore adequate sunscreen.  Ticks, chiggers, and skeeters seem to be out in full force this year, so I certainly feel for you if you didn't add a little Avon Skin-So-Soft or another bug repellent to your pre-naked-gardening ritual.

At work, things have improved.  The carpet is dry upstairs, at least for the moment.  Rain is predicted tonight, so we'll see where that lands us in the morning.  The termites have taken a bye on swarming today, and the water is (mostly) gone from the basement.  I am thinking about turning it into an indoor swimming pool instead of trying to repair and rejuvenate it. 

Hubster, of course, has other plans. He wants to remove the detritus from the basement and put it into the garage, displacing our vehicles for an unknown period of time. After hauling All the Junk up the stairs, he then wants to rent a dumpster to load all of it into, if one dumpster will indeed hold it all.

This sounds good in premise, but I worry about what it will look like in reality.

You see, we are the very same people who decided to remodel a bathroom by ourselves. When we got to the point where all the tiling and vinyl flooring was done and the mirror was up, we were so tired from it all we couldn't lift a hand to do anything more.

And so it was our bathroom remained unpainted and without curtains or shades for nigh unto a year.

Yes, a whole year.

It is for this reason I see our double-car garage being stuffed to the gills with junk for months and months, and even more months. Our history precludes any other fate.

But hey, IT'S SPRING! New things happen all the time in Spring!

But new things being done by old people?

Somehow I have my doubts.

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