Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stormy Weather

Things have been pretty docile the past few weeks.

And by docile, I mean no one had to be raced to the Emergency Room, no tornadoes have hit the house, and the cars are still running.

Then there was today.

The past couple of days have been rainy in these parts. There have been lightning strikes, booming thunder, hail, and all the stuff that goes along with all of those things.

Today, when I stepped into the lobby of the office, I didn't even have time to set my things down before being bombarded with information.  Overnight, the rain hit and hit hard.  Since the office roof is 900 years old, it leaks.  It will continue to do so until it falls in, because replacing the roof is not in the budget at this time.

After today that may change.

We know where most of the leaks are, so we use the old put-a-bucket-under-it formula for handling them.  Except, in the case of one leak, the bucket got moved.  Enough water came through the holey roof in that one spot for a 20' x 5' piece of carpet to get sloshy wet. It was enough to have to call in the pros to suck the water out of the carpet, and to hope it doesn't mildew.

And then...

We treated one office for termites last week.  They were eating the sheetrock from the inside out, leaving trails of "mud" and seeking out other offices, so we called in the pros. The pros billed us almost $1500.00 American to fill one wall with anti-termite foam.

The day after the wall was filled, we still had termites.  The pros were called, and they said not to worry.  They said it might take a day or two to get rid of the remaining termites. Fast forward to today. Today, when I walked into the "treated" office, the floor was moving.  Only it wasn't really the floor.  It was a sea of termites coming out of the "treated" wall.  The pros came back out, and they have promised to take care of it Tuesday of next week.

And then...

The sump pump at our humble abode breathed its last during the storm last night. However, since we barely go into The Dungeon for anything except to feed The Dungeon Monster more junk, we didn't notice it until today.  Today, with 4" of water on the floor. Today, with 4" of water on the floor and antique furniture stored there.


At least it's SPRING!

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Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! Your world sounds like mine... a symphony of mishaps!!!
Debbie in MS