Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Election Day

Here in Hooterville, it's Election Day.

Since my last post, even more shenanigans have gone on with the Republicans.  More name calling, more fighting, more shameless jabs at intelligence, record, and even body parts.

Finally, FINALLY, they actually had a debate where everyone was almost civil.  But by that time, new trouble erupted.  

Now "The Donald" can't seem to have any type of public meeting or rally without protesters getting out of hand.  In my fair city alone, police had to use tear gas to get the angry crowd under control.

Honestly, America?  Is this how we want other nations to see us?  As brawlers, fist fighters, hateful teenagers who just want their own way?  Do you think people will actually vote for someone else because of what you are doing to destroy candidates who try to bully their way into office?

I got news for you....it ain't gonna happen.

What IS happening is our country being seen to be as ignorant, trashy, people who can't sit down to discuss anything more than the weather without beating people over the head. 

Today is Election Day here in Hooterville.  Because of your actions, this American is voting in a primary for probably the first time.  Because of your actions, I will likely vote for someone you don't like.  And because of your actions, the candidate you hate will probably win.

Remember this:  If a candidate can get free publicity by you making an ass of yourself on television, why would they bother to pay for ads?  You're giving them all the publicity they need.

Be smart for a change, America.  You can make more of a difference by using your vote, so do it!


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