Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"I See," Said the Blind Man

Words have been sparse lately.

However, something interesting did happen last night. Since I'm already grabbing at straws, I might as well share it.

Hubster and I have a routine set. I come home from work, we spend a few minutes watching the news and talking about our respective days, then I get up and fix whatever we're having for dinner. After dinner, he clears the table and does the dishes. I pour a glass of wine and we both watch a little television. Around 8:15 I start yawning, he tells me to go to bed, and I agree.  Fifteen minutes later I head up the stairs.

Sounds exciting, huh?

Last night was no exception. I went upstairs to unwind, turn on the fan, change into my nightgown, and settle into bed. While I was doing the last check of Facebook for the night, I noticed my eyes had become dry. Usually, I have a bottle of eye drops on the bedside table, because I am 105 years old and old people do things like that. However, for some unknown reason, the eye drops had disappeared.

(cue loud, minor descending chords)

I went downstairs to look in my purse. Usually, I carry an extra bottle there, because (see above) I am 105, etc., etc.  Finding a bottle, I upended it and squirted a drop in the first eye.


It burned like the fires of hell, so I ran to the kitchen sink and held my head under the cold water, eye open, to rinse it out. While I was rinsing, Hubster took a second look at the bottle.

"Um, it says this is ear wax remover, not eye drops."

It was then I remembered I had dosed up Hubster's ear the previous night with the drops, then left them for him to put away. Instead, I later thought they were eye drops, and put them in my purse.

The moral of the story?  


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