Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Gave In

I had reasons, people.  Bonafide REASONS. But yes, I gave in.

I am again a card-carrying member of Facebook. Only without the card.

As with any adventure, there were several things I learned during my hiatus. They are, in no particular order:

  1. The world can get along without me just fine, thank you.
  2. I can't keep in touch with family or friends if I don't have their email addresses or telephone numbers. Go figure.
  3. I can't find out the news from old high school friends any easier than on FB. One of them had an almost-fatal heart attack, and the only way I had of finding out about his condition was through friends who were, coincidentally, on FB.
  4. I can block the dog, cat, Trump, Cruz, Clinton, and all other animals I want without actually leaving the planet.
  5. I can take vacations from FB. It is what one of my friends calls "going dark." And I will. The next time I get fed up with all the hate, I'll just take a break. 
  6. All the Writing I was going to do without FB to waste my time didn't, in fact, happen. I can tell from the look on your face you're shocked. I know.
  7. The words "I told you so" are never far from the lips of those who did, in fact, tell you so.
  8. I do not like television, with the exceptions of The Big Bang Theory and Grace & Frankie. I particularly abhor sports where people try to kill each other. Those include, but are not limited to; football, boxing, and beating one another with a pointy stick.
I am determined to keep FB from taking over the greater part of my day, the way it did before. I will try to do something else instead of refreshing the page every five seconds to see what someone believes Obama did that will ruin our country. I will try to practice patience.  I will put the phone away for meals and to have meaningful conversation with my family and others.

Cross my heart and hope to never give up.


Debbie said...

I'm glad you're back!!

Susanne said...

I have a love/hate relationship with facebook too but stay on because it helps me keep to know what things my kids (and I say that loosely as they are adults) are up too. With 2 of them living 5 and 7 hours away respectively it just makes me feel good to see their pics and posts of their everydays.