Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Day Which Shall Live in Infamy

Today, dear friends, I deleted my Facebook account.

In the world before Facebook, I connected with people in a real way. I spoke to them. I listened when they spoke. I did other things with my time than perusing cat and dog pictures, things I had seen a million times, and hatred over politics, guns, religion, and race.

Facebook had turned into more of a way to waste time than anything else. I can't believe the hours upon hours I spent refreshing and reading. 90% of it was just JUNK. Only the remaining 10% was worthy of my time, and for 10%, I can leave it.

And I did.

Facebook didn't believe me when I said I wanted to break it off. It said I would be temporarily disconnected in case I'd made an unthinkable mistake. It even gave me two weeks to reconsider. If I log in during those two weeks, it will take me back with open arms and things will be just as they were before.

Only I don't want things the way they were before.

I want things to change. I want to draw closer to people, not posts. I want to do away with reading the hate that can spew from otherwise loving people. I want to tell people verbally how much they mean to me.  If I want to yell about something, I'll do it on a private blog or here, if it isn't too controversial. I might even do it out loud.  

In short, I need a break.

I need time to write, to reflect, to love and to show love.

I don't need another post about pets, flags, presidents, guns, religions, and a zillion people hating each other.

I need peace.

I you want to contact me privately, you can do so at If not, I wish you all the love God has for you, and the same peace I'm about to have.


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