Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fourteen Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Young

FLASH:  I am no longer young.


I have been thinking about all the different things the Old Me would tell the Young Me.  However, knowing the Young Me as intimately as I do, I know she would never listen.

Here's a snippet of what wisdom I would try to share:

1.  Your weight is just exactly right.  You are perfect the way you are.  You will NEVER get down to 110 lbs., and you can be really happy without All the Dieting.

2.  Boys WILL like you.  Not only for your figure, but who you are inside.  They will appreciate the way God made you physically and mentally.  You do not have to change to meet their expectations of who or what you SHOULD be.

3.  Your prince will come.  Be patient.  Don't fall for the first of many pseudo-princes.  Wait for Prince Charming to appear.  He may not look or act like the fairy tale prince, but you will know he's YOUR prince.  There will be no doubt.

4.  Don't give it all away before your prince comes.  What you have to give a man is precious.  Only share it with someone you know will appreciate you for who and what you are, someone who truly loves you forever and a lifetime.  That being said, if you should decide not to listen (as you usually do), find some kind of reliable birth control, preferably the Pill.  And take it religiously.  If you don't, you will end up with a son you love more than life itself, but also a divorce.  You will also never get that elusive degree you want so much because you will be forced to work to support yourself and that beautiful baby.

5.  Save money.  Learn how to budget.  Enroll in retirement savings.  Don't get a credit card.  Don't go into debt, except for something like a house.

6.  Appreciate and love your mother, and show her how much she means to you every time you get a chance.  Encourage her to branch out on her own and to leave that worthless piece of poop that fathered you.  She is worth far more than he could ever know.

7.  Use the talent you have.  Not just to impress others, but for yourself.  Sing.  Read.  Write.  Play.  Do it all with abandon, diligently, and with a purpose.  Love what you do.

8.  Don't settle.  Have the courage to wait until what you want to happen....happens.  Work toward it, and appreciate it when it comes.  Do what you love!

9.  Become someone who talks to children and enjoys it.  Enjoy playing.  Enjoy story time.  Enjoy cuddling and coloring and balloons.  Let your inner child live through your actions.  Become someone your children can love, rather than one who always says "NO" to them.

10.  Get your education.  Take it as far as you can, for as long as you can.  Make the most of it.

11.  Help people.  Listen to them, encourage them, give them what you have.  Share.  Let them know that they, too, are worth it.

12.  Love God.  Love Him through your devotion, your wealth, your time, your BEING.  Love Him in the way you treat yourself and others.  Know that God made you, and He understands and loves you, even when you fall short.  He loves you more than any sin you commit, more than even you love your own children.

13.  Be thankful for what you have.  Appreciate the life you have been given.

14.  See the best.  In people, in circumstances, and in life.

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