Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rubber Ball

Do you remember being a child and playing with rubber balls?  No matter what the size, you could throw them and watch them bounce...and bounce...and bounce.  The only thing about the bounce is that it eventually comes to an end.  The ball doesn't bounce forever on its own.

That's the situation we're dealing with now, but in a different vein.

Mother-in-law gave us quite a scare this past Saturday.  Normal pulse rates are from 60 - 100.  Hers was running in the 30 - 40 range.  The Hospice nurse told us that when her pulse rate stayed that low consistently, it was likely her pacemaker had given out, and we needed to call.

So we called.

Fairly certain it was soon time for her to meet her Lord, we also called in the family.  We had relatives coming out of the woodwork for the entire day Saturday.  They visited, read scripture, prayed, and sang hymns while they were there.  MIL joined in the singing, requesting hymn after hymn.

She had a blast!

Sister-in-law spent the night to keep an eye on MIL.  We went to bed, sure we'd be awakened in the middle of the night.

Instead, MIL decided to bounce back.

Oh, she is decidedly weaker, and she now sleeps 95% of the time, but she also sits on the side of the bed or in the recliner.  She listens to books, visits with us, and eats.  If all goes as planned, she will be transferred to SIL's home on Thursday for the next two weeks of her journey here on earth.

On Sunday she told us that she'd been hearing a Voice.  The Voice told her that she would not have very much longer on earth, and that she would meet her Lord soon.  She said the Voice was very comforting, and she is not afraid of what is to come.

She knows where her ball will stop bouncing.  She just doesn't know exactly when.

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