Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From A Deeper Story

The Pledge We Make by John Blase

(Quoted from A Deeper Story)

Just the other day my friend
asked So how are you doing?
Each day she valiantly battles
Cancer the Dragon so she has
no patience for palliative puffery.
I shot her straight and told her
of the blue sadness that hung
heavy over the months of summer.
Her response to my revelation
was stunningly nonchalant:
Sure, you live so close to your heart.
Now maybe others have sensed this
about me but with God as my witness
no one has ever made that declaration
to me until she did, just the other day.
Her words did not make it all better,
she’s tasted too much chemo to hold
such illusory notions but what she spoke
did clarify my summertime blues.
And isn't that the pledge we make when
we make friends, to help each other
love the heart we have?

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