Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Call Off the Downward Dog

Last night was the final yoga class for the session. For some reason, our teacher decided to work the three of us extra hard. We did balancing and stretching and so many Downward Dogs I almost rolled over and played dead.

Suffice it to say there was a workout to be had, and have it we did.

At one point Sis and I were doing a pose that resembled an airplane in flight. One of us got mixed up as to what side we were supposed to be doing, so we ended up facing each other. After we'd held the pose for a good fifty-two minutes straight, we started rolling our eyes at each other and making faces to signify "WHEN IS THIS MADNESS GOING TO STOP???"

And then we started to laugh.

Shortly thereafter we both got in trouble for not paying attention, so we had to do more Downward Dogs.


I seem to be the only one in our class that actually has sweat glands. I bring a towel with me to class to mop up my face occasionally, while the others seem cool as cucumbers. At least that's what I thought, until Sis told me she uses deodorant on her hands before class to keep from slipping on the mat. I guess our sweat glands are just in different places.

Since our class was so small, we became friendly with the other lady that attended. Verna told us she was having a holiday party, and she'd made apple cinnamon MOONSHINE to celebrate the season. Of course, we questioned her about what went into it, so she gave us the "receipt" to try. Not only that, but to celebrate the end of class she brought small mason jars full of samples. I haven't tried mine yet, but she said when I do I should be careful. Apparently it packs quite a punch.

During the relaxation at the end of class, our teacher gave all of us foot massages. That was a gift indeed! She used a massage oil made by Indigo Wild called Zum, and the scent was wonderful. I later found out it was frankincense and myrrh - very appropriate for the season. Today I purchased some lotion with that scent, and it makes me happy.

It reminded me of Jesus washing the feet of others, and that's what I thought about all during that time. I think I will equate the scent with that gift from now on.

Christmas shopping is almost done for the year. Thankfully, Amazon is available to those of us who don't want to fight crowds. In addition, Sears and Wal-Mart have had their share of online orders. Shopping used to be the bane of my Christmas existence, but nowadays it's almost pleasurable. The gifts have started rolling in, and now have only to be sorted and wrapped. We don't have even one wrapped gift under our tree as of this writing.

We have so many celebrations for Christmas it was hard to get them all into one day. In the morning The Boy, The Girl, Hubster and I will open presents and eat a leisurely lunch, then deliver cookies to the neighbors (if I ever get them baked). The 28th Hubster's whole family will meet for dinner at his brother's home. On January 4th we'll meet with Sis and her family in the afternoon, then have our extended family dinner and presents that evening at our son's home.

This year our extended family gathering is having a European Tour for Christmas. Eldest Son and his wife come up with something new and different every year, and we always have a great time together! This year, each of us will bring a dish from a European country. The Girl has chosen Italy, The Boy, Greece, Eldest Son and his wife have France, and Eldest Daughter has Ireland. We have yet to choose. Any suggestions? We're charged with bringing an entree and side dish.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas!

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