Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yoga Night

Oh yes it's Yoga Night and the feeling's right 
Oh yes it's Yoga Night
Oh what a night, oh what a night! 
Oh yes it's Yoga Night and the feeling's right 
Oh yes it's Yoga Night, oh what a night
(with apologies to Kool and the Gang)

As you may have guessed by now (because you are an astute and obviously intelligent reader), tonight is YOGA NIGHT.  Come 6:30 p.m. I will be gettin' down to some namaste and sweat.

I don't know why it is, but I try to talk myself out of going to this class every week.  Take today, for instance.  

Today has been a rollercoaster.  I hadn't even gotten to work this morning when I got a call that the phone system was wacky.  My receptionist called in sick again, and for some reason the elevator stopped working.

We had the annual Hanging of the Green today instead of after Thanksgiving due to a scheduling conflict, so there was additional pressure trying to make sure everyone had a good time and participated in the decorating, cookies, and funny awards.

Somehow during all of the excitement my shoulders decided to freeze in sailor's knots up around my ears.  


So, being the ever-optimistic person I am, I said to myself, "Self, this would be a good time to SKIP the yoga tonight."  

And then I slapped myself across the face and regained my senses.  

Because it is exactly days like this one that make the yoga class so very worth the money I spent on it.

Yoga, in case you are not aware, is a slow-moving form of exercise that stretches all different parts of your body.  You do what you can do, and what you can't do, you don't.  And during the class, all the tension and angst and whatever is bothering you just slips away as you try to master whatever pose you're supposed to be doing.  

At the end of the yoga, I feel like melted butter.  It's a feeling I would wish on everyone.

True, I sweat like a pig during the class.  But I have a towel that I use to mop up.  True, I can't do every pose.  But I can modify most of them to my unique capability.  True, the class is in the evening when I feel most tired.  But I come out of class feeling not as tired, relaxed, and happy - if a little smelly.  So does everyone else.

Our little class started out with about twelve people, and it's now down to four or five.  I like to think of us as the Enlightened Ones.  We are finding that the longer we do the yoga, the better able we are to...well...do the yoga.  We are also finding out that we can laugh at ourselves.  One of the ladies has a hard time telling right from left.  I wobble from side to side, sometimes falling over.  But that doesn't stop us, because we know we'll feel so much better after the class.

So I'll go to class tonight, tired or not.  And while I'm there, I'll think of you and wish you the same relaxation and peace I feel when I'm done.

It's the least I can do.


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