Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I feel Fall in the air.  It's barely perceptible, but it is there.

I get a strange feeling every year about this time, heralding the change of seasons. It's as if my brain has to readjust to the different rhythms of cooler temperatures, the beginning of the school year, and the promise of glorious color as leaves change.

My Summer brain has not had a chance to be very active this year.  With all the "cool" weather we've had (temperatures have not once hit 100 degrees), it's been hard to get the mindset of swimming pool sounds, the smell of suntan lotion, the endless glasses of iced tea, and the hot pavement under my bare feet.  In fact, I think I may still be in Spring mode.

In Spring, my mind turns to driving in the car with the top down and radio blaring, loudly singing along to favorites of the seventies.  I celebrate the smells of warm earth, blooming flowers, cut grass and sweet, rain-washed air.  I get the urge to plant every seed in sight just to watch them grow.  I sit on the swing in the backyard, enjoying every budding leaf and chirping bird.  I get Spring-drunk in the warm evenings, dancing on the patio in my nightgown as breezes blow.  It's the joy of knowing Winter is over, as much as I loved it when it first appeared.

Seasons are fickle.  Just when I believe I'm in the best one ever, it changes and morphs into another.  And so it is with life.

Someone once said the first sign of being dead, either inside or physically, is the absence of change.  We cannot grow without change, neither can we experience the true joy that comes with going from the lowest low to the highest height.

Change is a gift from God, as are the seasons.  My wish for you is that you embrace ALL the seasons of your life - good and bad - and give thanks for all.

It's my wish for me, too.

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Susanne said...

Ahhh, change. I need to learn to embrace that thing.

It's going to be 93*F here today. For us, that is smoking hot. Kiddie pool with the dayhome kids, here I come.