Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A Somewhat Irregular Update on Life

The Monster has gone back into his cave, due largely to the application of prednisone, the wonder drug.

Thank God above for prednisone!

The cleaning frenzy of a couple of a couple of weeks ago has fizzled, as I knew it would.  Cleaning isn't fun under the best of circumstances, but when you ache from every pore, it's nigh unto impossible.

However, we have managed to keep things fairly under control.  The kids were gone to San Francisco with their big brother and his wife for a week, so we enjoyed the peace and quiet of our home...and our own version of clean, which is most likely not yours.

Now the kids are back, it's a struggle to contain the clutter to their rooms.  At least we can shut their doors!

Hubster's birthday is today!  He has requested salmon croquettes for dinner, so I'll have to stop by the store to pick up supplies.  The usual sides are mac and cheese and a bowl of buttered peas.  Never let it be said we lack for starch in our diet!

I have almost enough green beans for a meal.  I've been picking them every night, but with only three plants it takes time to amass enough.  Next year there will be more, now that I have the way to keep rabbits and squirrels away from the seedlings.

This year I got wise after the first two destroyed plantings.  When I first saw the shoots come up, I cut the bottom out of an empty gallon milk jug.  I then turned it upside down and anchored it to the ground with a stake through the hole at the bottom.  As the plants grew, they were able to be protected from the varmints by the jug until they were big enough to produce fruit.

I think I'll try this with the cucumbers, too.  After planting them twice I gave up, but with this method it should protect them as well.

No ripe tomatoes yet.  We've just had the one, which is strange.  I'm guessing the cooler weather has a lot to do with that.  I'm hankering for some fresh tomatoes!

We made Grandma's Peanut Rolls last week, and they have lasted longer than I thought they would.  We may still have three or four of them left.  We use two packages of boxed pound cake mix, bake it up per directions, then cut it into squares.  We cover the squares with powdered sugar icing and roll them in crushed peanuts.  It's easy and really good!

And, as Grandma would say, that's all I know for now.

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Susanne said...

How clever the milk jug idea is. I don't have a garden but I sure love fresh garden veggies. Especially tomatoes.