Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I'm back at the library again, trading in old books for new.  I love it when it's all quiet, like a library should be, at least in my perfect world.

It's amazing to think that many of the people right beside me physically are at the same time in a completely different realm right now.  The man sitting next to me is fighting dragons.  The woman on the other side of me is in a handsome man's embrace.  The little girl across the room is actually a princess in disguise.  I know, because I've been living in a couple of different books this week.  I needed the escape.

When times are not what I wish them to be, I can always find a different place to be by living in what I read.  This week I was in Ireland, watching and listening as Father Tim enjoyed his vacation.  I walked with a man through the cold and snow of a northeastern winter.  I had a vicarious love affair and went back in time to be courted by someone of which my family heartily disapproved.

And I did it all from my chair.

This, in part, is why I haven't written a word (other than here).  I'm too busy trying NOT to write to actually write.  When I look at that blank screen....well, it remains blank.  I have nothing to put on paper.  My mind is a vast wilderness in need of a modern day Lewis and Clark.

And so I come here, to my own little world.  I talk with you, dear friends, and it's all better for a while.

Just like it is whenever I read.

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Susanne said...

This post brought a smile to my face. :v)