Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fool Me Once...

Yesterday was May Day, and I celebrated by deadheading the flowers in the front beds tra la, tra la.  I am that happy to HAVE flowers in the front beds.

Then, as if being warned of evil approaching to cause great harm to my as-yet-un-transplanted tomato and pepper plants, I hauled them inside the garage.

The evil came today.

Temperatures are back in the 30's.

For once, I am exuberantly joyful about this grim news.  Why?  Because I had not transplanted my tomato and pepper plants!  They are still safe in the garage, awaiting the time when the forecasted SNOW will be gone and temperatures will be warm enough to sustain them.

When I think that this time last year we were almost languishing in heat, I am thankful.  Very thankful.  We don't need more drought!  The rain and supposed snow will be much-needed moisture, although the temperatures could be just a bit warmer for my taste.

As for the vegetables in the vegetable garden, the peas and lettuce seem to be doing well, and the radishes and what is left of the spinach are up.  The varmints seemingly ate all the beans before they even sprouted, as I found the entire row dug up.  They will have to be replanted and guarded.  Varmints found within sneezing distance may be dealt with severely.

Because temperatures were in the 80's much of the past week, we switched over to air conditioning at work.  Today I am regretting that decision, if only for the next couple of days.  Space heaters will be used, and I am currently sitting on the heating pad I keep in my chair for aches and pains.

(On a side note, I find myself personifying the old lady who has nothing better to talk about than gardening, the weather, aches and pains.  What happened here?  I would bore the 21-year-old me to tears with such talk!!!)

More from the frozen tundra at a later time...

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Linds said...

We are in the warm phase at the moment, thank heavens. I have been out potting on seedlings, getting grubby and loving being barefoot. Am too tired to write in the evenings and too weary with all the rest of the stuff. But my vegetables are mainly still under cover. Lettuce,broad beans,peas and potatoes and spinach don't mind the cold though!