Friday, April 19, 2013


Have I mentioned lately that I adore my boss and his wife?

I DO!!!

They are so very thoughtful!  And this is what I received from them today.

The bag is insulated and has an included cold-pack for the freezer.  I so needed this to carry my lunches!  I could never find one that I could afford that was wide enough on the bottom to hold my leftovers in a plastic container.  Now I don't have to worry about it anymore!  I'll be recycling that old Wal-Mart bag I used to use for this purpose in a different way from now on!

The notes are beautiful, and just what I needed for my desk.  The coffee goes without saying, if you know me at all.  And the Maxine perpetual calendar was a special gift because my boss knows me well.  :)

This made my day!

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