Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The House, Part II

When we first looked at the house we eventually bought, there was a certain...smell...associated with it.

It didn't take long to figure out the cause.  The inhabitants of the home proved to be both human and canine, and one or both of them liked to relieve themselves on the carpet.  All of the bedrooms had a corner that was what we called the Pee Corner.  They all had to be sterilized in a mighty way.  Bleach came in very, very handy.  In addition, the carpet had to be removed.  While we hoped to leave the floors uncovered, it became evident that they were in no shape to make that a reality.  Neglect and pets caused huge dark stains on most of the wood floors.  It was such a pity, because they really could have been an asset to the house.

Please take note of the carpet in the "before" photos.  In one bedroom, Number Two, we actually had to scrape the carpet off of the floor.  It came up in both hunks and a fine powder.  Ugh.

Here's Number One before:

The corner you see was the designated Pee Corner for the room.  It had a lovely blue/white/pee color of carpet which we believe may have dated back to the 70's.

Please note the box of Cheez-Its in the foreground.  They are essential to any remodeling job.

This is the after:

The wall color is the same in both photos.  I blame the photographer. (ME)

Here's the before of Bedroom Two:

Here we have the carpet that had to be scraped off of the floor in a lovely shade of puke green, electric blue, and poop brown.  As an added bonus, please note the boarded-up window to your left.  Who wouldn't want to sleep here?

And after:

Thirdly, in case you haven't fallen asleep yet, we have Bedroom Three before:

And after:

Stay tuned for the next installment!

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