Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snowmageddon Part III

This was the scene that greeted us early this morning...AGAIN.  Snow coming from the sky by the bucket full, so fast and furious it was hard to see the house across the street.  Church was cancelled for the first time in seventeen years, and I felt like I was playing hooky by not attending.

This afternoon it slowed down enough for the plows to get ahead of it all, at least somewhat.

The house across the street is now quite a bit more visible, but the vast wasteland of our driveway was buried under seven or so inches of the white stuff.  And more was coming down.  Thankfully, we had an ace in the hole...The Girl was home for the weekend!

She offered to clean the driveway and started in while it was still snowing.  Thankfully, it stopped shortly after this was taken.  She'd only been out there fifteen minutes and had cleared half the drive!  Oh, to be young again!

Since Easter is next Sunday, I'm really hoping we're DONE with the snow for a while.  I would hate to see everyone wearing winter coats to church!

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