Monday, January 14, 2013

To the Insurance Company Named for the Guy Who Grows Crops

Dear Crop-Growers:

In my humble opinion, your customer service is deplorable.

I realize that you, as a company, have to make money in order to survive.  Truly I do.  But you need to go to someone other than victims to make that happen.

When you make it nigh unto impossible to get a claim settled due to your overworked customer service reps, who then become snippy with me for calling more than one time per day, I take umbrage.

And furthermore, when said customer service rep offers me only half the amount I need to replace the self-same vehicle that YOUR insured totaled with my daughter and her two friends still inside, I tend to get downright angry.  Your insured admitted it was his fault, yet you seem to be unwilling to cough up the dough he's been paying you in order to ensure he was insured.

A certain angry-bear mom of a certain daughter whose car was destroyed is not happy with you at this moment, and unless something changes soon, you, in your "farmers"-in-the-dell clothing will soon be dealing with my lawyer-in-the-courtroom.


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Linds said...

GO, CHRIS!!!!!! Warrior mode suits you!