Monday, January 14, 2013

To Be Fair, or Not To Be Fair...That is the Question

The Boy will be picking up his new (to him) car from the dealership today.  It looks to be a great car, with all the bells and whistles one could want.

That's the GOOD news.

The Girl still has no car.  She drove my car to school last night because she thought we'd have to turn in the rental car tomorrow and she didn't want to drive home and back to school again.

Meanwhile, the insurance company for the guy that hit her called.

They are offering us about half of what it would take to replace her car.

Unfortunately, this comes at a really bad time for us and for her, as if there was ever a GOOD time to hear you won't be getting enough to replace a wrecked car.  Thankfully, they have agreed to let us have the use of the rental car for an additional week.  Not so thankfully, they seem to be pretty set on not giving us full value for The Girl's car.

We will be checking with our insurance agency as well as our attorney to see if there is any recourse for us.  If we can't get them to budge on the price, we may have to play a little hardball.

I hate playing hardball.

The Girl didn't ask to have her car totaled.  It was a perfectly dependable little car before the wreck.  All we're asking is for what is fair...for them to give us what we need to replace the same year, make and model of car.

Or maybe fairness is a thing of the past.


Linds said...

It isn't fair. I think your attorney should have words here. I just hate the way Big companies/insurance/hospitals/etc etc etc think they have the winning hand. And try to fleece those of us who did not have recourse to unlimited war chests. Stick it out, Chris. She didn't cause the accident. She should not be penalised.

Susanne said...

Fairness and insurance companies is sorta like an oxymoron. Praying that she gets everything that is fair and that she ends up with an even better vehicle!