Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Totally Insurance-Free Post

While I am awake at what is now 3 ayem in the morning, I have decided to write. 

It is better than eating, which is what I do when I'm stressed out or awake at 3 ayem.  Of course, there is no promise that I will not eat once I finish writing.

Don't judge me.  I can't help myself.

In news other than that which has been stressing me out...

The Girl finally found a car.  It's a Volvo, and it makes me jealous.  Said Volvo is a sporty red four-door with leather seats, a sun roof, and the thing that makes me the most jealous...the leather seats are HEATED.  She can drive in the coldest, bleakest night with a warm tushie, while I, her mother, freeze my much larger tushie in my 1999 Buick.


I took last week off to work on the Never-ending House.  We have determined that the hardwood floors are in no shape to leave as hardwoods, so we're covering them with carpet.  Before the carpet is installed we have to finish scraping the previous carpet pad off of one of the bedroom floors.  It seems the people who installed the carpet-with-a-foam-back didn't realize a few things.
  1. When you have carpet, it is best to install actual padding underneath it, not to just use mountains of staples to adhere the carpet-with-a-foam-back to the floor.
  2. It is also best to not let your pets pee on the carpet-with-a-foam-back.  In fact, it would be best to not let your pets pee on any type of carpet.  
  3. If you do let your pets pee on the carpet-with-a-foam-back, it would be a good thing to rip up said carpet before the foam rots and sticks to the floor so hard it has to be scraped off with a flat shovel and/or turns to some sort of heinous black powdered mess that sinks into the floor boards, staining them permanently.
You never know what kind of household tips you'll get when you sign up for this blog.

Painting at the Never-ending House is almost *crossing fingers* done.  There is trim to paint in the aforementioned bedroom, and some touch-up painting on the ceiling and walls, but for the most part (dare I say it?) the painting is done inside the house.

We still have to have the drain cleaned out, the fireplace checked out and the chimney cleaned, and the furnace checked out.  The storm doors need repair as well.  We'll have to wait until Spring to paint the outside of the house and do some other needed repairs, but we should be able to rent it before we get those done.

What we need is a good tenant and some income from the house.  We hope to have it advertised and someone in there at the very latest by March 1.  In the meantime, we'll be praying for the perfect tenants to appear.

Now, on to the kitchen for a little early-morning snack....

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Susanne said...

Well that sounds like a wonderful little vehicle she ended up with. I'd never had heated seats before this vehicle I have now and I can say I have been spoiled for life. Never can I imagine going back ice cold seats.

That does not sound like a fun job with the carpet.