Thursday, August 16, 2012

On the Hunt Again

At times it seems as though we will never find that elusive rental house we want to buy.

The last disappointment came just this week.  We put in a bid for full price on a house that was a real gem.  Unfortunately, it seems as though someone else thought it was more than a full-price gem, and outbid us.

Tonight we will start the search once again.  We have four houses up for grabs this time.  We're hoping that Cinderella (we) will find the perfect fit.

Oh, and that we'll actually GET it this time.

When I expressed a little discouragement to our real estate agent, she countered by saying, "God has a plan for this.  You will find the perfect house at the perfect time, but it will be GOD'S definition of perfect...not necessarily YOURS."

A wise woman, that.

In the meantime, I feel as though I need to share the number 22.5.  I'm thinking this has to do with the price of the house.  That number has been in my head now for two weeks.  Time will tell if that's the case.

Until then, the hunt continues!

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